About RedDrum


Creative Design Solutions is offered by RedDrum which is a division of Ad-Retail CC trading as CalvinBusiness since 1994.

RedDrum operates as a sole propriety company at the Tygerberg Art Centre which presents Art and Design to high school learners.

The Tygerberg Art Centre is registered with the Western Cape Education (WCED) Department as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. 
Certificate number 010319602

About Us


RedDrum is a start-up Design Shop owned by Calvin Dorman in association with Collin Chitsaya founded in February 2017.

The purpose is to offer one-to-one Business Branding Solutions together with the creative edge of our community’s young  Digital/Graphic design talent whom we train in all aspects of commercial design at the Tygerberg Art Centre.

Meet Your Creative Design Team


Calvin has spent more than 30 years in the Advertising / Publishing Industry having worked predominately for Media24. For the past 6 years he has been in the Graphic Design training industry doing stints at Prestige, Dynamix and Damelin College.
For more info about Calvin, visit his official website: http://www.calvinbusiness.co.za


Collin Tafadzwa passionate and Highly creative and multi-talented Digital Graphic Designer and Web Developer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, Video Editing, photography and management skills. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills

Our Passion is Design

Why are you called RedDrum?

I have known Grant for many years now and we both have a passion for design excellence.

Once we decided to collaborate and use our design talent and experience to start a small design shop,  we still needed a name for our business.

Knowing Grant played the drums in a band (and still does in the summer time), I came up with the name RedDrum because he has a red drumset.

We both liked the name and we have been beating the drum about our quality, creative  offer at good prices ever since.

Why do I need a WordPress website?

Okay, so a potential buyer has found your product offer on Google! – but you are not the only website they are going to find from their search. They are also going to look at similar offers and find other websites to consider as well.

No matter how good your products are – people will choose a company from a website they perceive are more modern and appears more successful at first glance.

They could be thinking “if the website is so outdated…maybe their products are inferior too”

That is why you need a new creative, modern looking website created on WordPress at a price you can afford and here we can help to…


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