Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing starts by having a website designed
with WordPress to ensure functionality which can be
integrated with the RedDrum Digital Marketing Plan.

This will be referred to as RDM/Plan for short.
NOTE: SEO must be done with a Google map on the


Do you have a wordpress website?

Does your website appear on Google’s first page
when you google your business offer?

A MailChimp Emailer

A MailChimp Emailer is essential in the RDM/Plan because using the emails is the most effective way to reach your clients and build a long term relationship with them .This is posted weekly.
Do you send a weekly MailChimp emailers?



The requirements for a MailChimp emailer is as follows:

  1. An email list of current clients and prospective who enquire about services through Message Forms from the website.
  2. Message forms will have RedDrum email address as a cc to capture new email addresses.
  3.  New emails addresses will be added to replace the ones that have been unsubscribed.
  4.  The website must have a newsletter subscription option on the   Home page


Is your email content spam or is it conversational to build reports with your clients?

Do you have a Google map on your contact page and a newsletter subscription form in your footer?


The Content of the MailChimp Emailer will always be fresh new with problems / solutions and other interesting and relevant information related to your industry and will display links to your Social Media as well as to your website.

It is not about spamming with specials but building a platform of regular client viewers who want to hear what your marketing manager (RedDrum) has to say weekly that is interesting and relevant to them.

Do you have weekly post with links to your website media page?


Special Offers and promotions are advertised weekly on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. This will result in enquiries and sales. Also, it will generate new email addresses to be added to your Mailchimp List. This will help grow your relationship platform.

Let’s summarize so far….

Do you advertise your product/services on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace?


The social media strategy would consist of creating, growing and integrating the different Social
Media platforms, which include Facebook, YouTube & WhatsApp.


A facebook Business page will be created and the emailer designs would be posted weekly on the Facebook platforms as well. Then the post will be linked to the client Media Page on the client’s website.

Facebook followers will grow as all new prospetives will be notified to Like the page as well by sending an invitation on Facebook.
Do you have a Facebook Business Page?
Do your Facebook followers get notified and see your post on their profile feed?


The YouTube platform is essential to the RDM/Plan because more and more people are watching videos online.

This is the current growing trend. Most of the trendy, creative websites today make use of the video and every business must have a YouTube Channel to grow the reach of clients and ensure a greater awareness of their Business offers.

The content must reflect both the product range as well as fresh content posted weekly which will be linked to the RedDum Podcast Channel where weekly topics of interest to small business is discussed.

Do you have a YouTube Channel?


Every Business owner has the WhatsApp numbers of their clients listed. Now the awareness of your business offer can grow via WhatsApp status.

This is a quick, easy method to create a platform of regular viewers by posting memes of your business offers.

This creates “top of mind” awareness of your business and links on WhatsApp status can direct viewers to your Media page on your website where your product prices and features are displayed with pictures and more info.

Do you post Business memes on your WhatsApp Status?


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