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This investment in what may seem “unchartered waters” may look costly or you and you may not be tech-savvy but if you have a small business and you dont take this route then over time your profit growth will be eaten into by higher store rentals, salaries and suppliers increasing their prices because you cannot do bulk purchases to save on costs.

You cannot just have a vision for your business without the creative tension that should go along with it.

Let me explain: because a vision is a long term goal, many people do not put an urgency to it.
This “tension” I am talking about is the continuous way you must try to fulfil this vision sooner and the way to do it is to seek and find different alternatives all the time.

This is where your creativity will kick in because you have to think of ways to make your dream happen sooner without giving up.

Without this creative tension, most long term goals will never happen and most simply give up after a period of time especially when circumstances are not in their favour.

eCommerce is the future for small business growth.

  1. Low financial cost
  2. An e-commerce start up is a 24/7 hour open Potential Income
  3. International reach / Sell Internationally
  4. Sell any type of products
  5. Inventory tracking for your e-commerce start up
  6. Easier to Encourage Impulse Buy
  7. Gain Access to Customer Data Easily
  8. Affordable labour charges
  9. Show what you want your customers to see on your e-commerce start up
  10. It’s SEO friendly
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