RedDrum Newsletter Update 15

14-03-2022…RedDrum NewsUpdate 15

Hi everyone…Calvin here again

As the owner of Calvin Academy, I also lecture all about Entrepreneurship and leadership to my students.  In one of my recent lectures, I stressed the importance of always being fully prepared.  This preparation includes keeping your computer design skills current and “sharp”.

But part of preparation is also the ability to pre-empt opportunities that may arise.  Example:  All of my students has completed a business website design as well as an e-commerce website.  So when a client asked me to update their company website, I was able to suggest my student do it as part of his internship.

He is prepared and ready and now that the opportunity arose, he was able to take advantage of it because he was fully prepared.
In your career or business, you have to be prepared for any opportunity well in advance. 

You cannot “wake up” and realize you need specific software skills related to your industry when the opportunity presents itself.  Then it is already too late.

To learn new skills take time and money.  You have so save up and plan for a course well in advance.  Attempting to learn “instantly” with a few YouTube videos are not going to equip you with the skills you require when a new client project arises.

You must be aware of the trends in your industry and prepare for it now.  So when the opportunity arises in the future, then you are already fully prepared and the success of the outcome is more likely than trying to rush into any new challenge.


RedDrum will
with creative…

  1. Banners
    Indoor pull-up banners
    Outdoor flag banners
    Exhibition displays
  1. Signage
    Office building/shopfronts
    Vehicle signage
  1. Websites
    WordPress Web design
    Emailers (online promotion)
    Social media posts
  1. Graphic Design
    Company Profiles & catalogues
    Logos & business cards

View examples of WordPress websites I have created recently:

Need a website? Or want to update your “old” website with a creative WordPress template?

Should you want me to design a WordPress website for your business under R2 900 then contact me on whatsapp 084 394 4325


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Owner of RedDrum : Calvin Dorman

RedDrum is starting a Small Business YouTube Channel within a few weeks to connect with owners and clients to encourage small business growth through the use of technology. Young people are adapting to this 4th wave of technology but need to know the business principles that will make their product/service offers sustainable.

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