RedDrum Newsletter Update 06

26-10-2021…RedDrum NewsUpdate 06

Hi everyone…Calvin here again

Why Choose RedDrum as your e-Commerce partner?
Many benefits but the 3 main reasons: Price, price, price.

Also, we integrate (combine) it into your current business website for under R2900 so that you don’t have 2 separate websites…

Then we boost your response rate with our expertise in Digital Marketing.
With Digital Marketing we plan a customised one month campaign using MailChimp, Facebook Ads and yes, a R1000 ad in your local newspaper…then your platform reach is set and your e-Commerce is ready to take off!

See your business growth reach new heights!

eCommerce is the future…

Don’t be late and get left behind.

“I have the expertise and experience to help and guide you on your eCommerce journey”

Do it right at an unbeatable price together with me, Calvin, (co-founder of RedDrum in 2019)

Further benefits for your Business

An e-commerce start up is a 24/7 hour open Potential Income
It is difficult to have a retail store that functions 24 hours a day. It is not only expensive to do, but it is also not practical. For instance, if you have a fashion store, your peak customer hours will be somewhere in the middle of the day.

Show what you want your customers to see on your e-commerce start up
Having an e-commerce start up gives you the opportunity to have selective publicity for your products. You can showcase your best-selling products on your website. This may not be possible with a retail store where everything is out for customers to view.

Inventory tracking for your e-commerce start up
It is easier to keep track of your inventory in an e-commerce start up. All the websites provide detailed statistics report of products. This makes it easier for you to understand when you need to order new goods from the manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Need a website? Or want to update your “old” website with a creative WordPress template?

Should you want me to design a WordPress website for your business under R2 900 then contact me on whatsapp 084 394 4325


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Calvin DormanOwner of RedDrum eCommerce

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