RedDrum Newsletter Update 10

26-01-2022…RedDrum NewsUpdate 10

Hi Calvin Here…..All the best for 2022

ECommerce done correctly will take your business to the next level.
But what does the two words “done correctly” look like.

Amazon and Takealot has done eCommerce correctly but how are you and me going to get this right looking at where we are today.

I believe this takes some business inventory where we look at what works and what we are still stuck in denial about. And the brainstorming of a plan customised for your business that can be implemented realistically.

A good plan and step by step execution on a good plan is essential.

RedDrum can help evaluate your current eCommerce business and identify the pitfalls. Expertise on a results-driven plan is key and here we can also help.

“If you want to improve the results of your online shopping business or want to create one from scratch then you need to talk to me today”


1. I create it with WordPress and WooCommerce which provides best functionality & security.

2. I load 20 products for free and thereafter I can load 12 products a day Mon-Fri for R500.

3. My goal is to grow and add value to your online shop with fast service and expertise assistance so that you dont feel overwhelmed with new technology.

4. I help you reach more customers by offering digital marketing which can be tracked and measured.

5. I keep you informed and stay in contact with weekly whatsapp news updates.

6. I am the most affordable professional eCommerce business offering the lowest prices.

7. At only R2850 for an online shopping website, my price offers unbeatable value for money.

8. I assist you set up your PayFast account app so that you can login and monitor your money/sales.

9. I offer a full service package offer where I can present an affordable delivery service on request.

10. I offer hosting with an unlimited space size on the Xneelo server platform for as little as R99. p. month should you not have a service provider.

Whatsapp me and lets chat. 084 394 4325


View examples of WordPress websites I have created recently:

Need a website? Or want to update your “old” website with a creative WordPress template?

Should you want me to design a WordPress website for your business under R2 900 then contact me on whatsapp 084 394 4325


Calvin Dorman
084 632 6622

Calvin Training Venue:
37 Van Eyssen St
Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town

View the website here:

View my business design offerings from my website:

Our Mission & Ethos
RedDrum is an e-Commerce & Digital design company.
We are different and like it that way. Being different allows us to do what few other companies are doing, namely to to push the envelope of design for the web and do what seems impossible to do unless you are a big company.

Speed of executionlow pricehigh design standards.

This is what we do all the time, innovating and questioning the best and fastest way to find the best options in design and functionality.
RedDrum prefers to have incredibly high standards and hire exceptional people who enjoy pushing themselves to perform at the highest levels every day.

We want to surround ourselves with people driven to do the right things and act with integrity even when no one is looking.

We work hard to get things done and are proud of our accomplishments.
We train our team to become leaders in their field with the ambition to buy an equity stake in the company in the future to ensure its continued success.

Our focus is the process.
We aim to improve it daily and never to become complacent.

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