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12-08-2021 RedDrum News 01


Today, more than ever, all business owners must dedicate themselves to continuous learning.

Hi everyone…Calvin here again with another update for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I am passionate about business and design, therefore, I am continuously learning more and more about Graphic / Web Design every day so that I am always on top of my game. I want other designers to look at my work and say “Gee, I wish I had done it”.

Continuously learning means that you focus to become an expert in your chosen field.

You apply the 80/20 rule to everything you do and you focus on becoming outstanding in the 20 percent of tasks that contribute to 80 percent of your results.

Have you noticed that highly skilled people in any particular field of business, never stop growing. 

You soon also realize that excellence is a moving target. And so you commit yourself to do something every single day that will enable you to become better and better at doing the most important things in your business and delegating the rest.

You become aware of not merely spending time in or at your business, but the true meaning of working on your business.

As you focus on improving your skill level, day after day, you will notice that you begin to think in terms of possibilities rather than impossibilities.

Stories of failure won’t interest you anymore. Instead you will be energized to get rid of old habits and become increasingly goal-orientated on business activities that produce important results.


Currently, I am teaching my college students to create online websites for clients using WordPress. This will enable them to design websites from home!

Due to this pandemic, I am encouraging students to also be able to work online from home in the future.

Plus- WordPress is now fast becoming the new standard in having a website for any business.

It is no longer over-priced and small businesses like yours, can now also afford it immediately as I am cutting the prices of WordPress website creation to only R3000 and less.

You no longer have to pay over R5000 /R8000 for a WordPress website as in the past!


Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!
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