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It is time Boost your Brand image now and get more business!!

  1. We will give you a creative branding proposal that will boost your business image and give you a bigger slice of the market.
    No matter how good your products are – people switch to a company they think are the most modern and appears more successful at first glance.

RedDrum Vehicle signage client: Dorman projects

This is why Capetic is so successful – better branding is the major reason…the lower interest rates played only a small part on their overall branding strategy.
All business owners know that they must improve their company image in the market to attract new business.
The solution to your business branding is very simple: you must get your logo sign bigger & better on your office building/factory, with flag banners on the side of the road and the logo on your vehicles…all done in a creative way that is consistent with all your marketing efforts.

RedDrum Vehicle signage client: Cape Town Air-conditioning
If you already have building, flag banner & vehicle signage then I have this important question for you…
Have you really noticed how “faded” and outdated your marketing has become and if you have invested in a new website…does the rest of your branding reflect the same quality?

  1. Yes, I know it can seem costly BUT here me and Grant
    can help if you let me come to your office any Friday that
    suits you and let me make a presentation to show you
    how it can work at a price that you would not have
    believed was possible.”

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RedDrum will
with creative…

  1. Banners
    Indoor pull-up banners
    Outdoor flag banners
    Exhibition displays
  1. Signage
    Office building/shopfronts
    Vehicle signage
  1. Websites
    WordPress Web design
    Emailers (online promotion)
    Social media posts
  1. Graphic Design
    Company Profiles & catalogues
    Logos & business cards


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