RedDrum Newsletter Update 04

16-09-2021…RedDrum NewsUpdate 04

Hi everyone…Calvin here again


You cannot just have a vision for your business without the creative tension that should go along with it.

Let me explain: because a vision is a long term goal, many people do not put an urgency to it.
This “tension” I am talking about is the continuous way you must try to fulfil this vision sooner and the way to do it is to seek and find different alternatives all the time.

This is where your creativity will kick in because you have to think of ways to make your dream happen sooner without giving up.

Without this creative tension, most long term goals will never happen and most simply give up after a period of time especially when circumstances are not in their favour.

Don’t rely on luck or better circumstances to achieve your dream. Instead rely on your creative effort and drive to make it happen.
So if you are an owner of a small business, you have to find ways to start and grow your eCommerce website sooner rather than later. Yes, this must be incorporated into your business vision for the future.

You have to tell your customers to shop online with you or they will go somewhere else -especially young people prefer to buy anything and everything online.
I have been helping many small business owners by creating a modern website for them using WordPress since 2018. 

Having an online presence is essential for all small businesses as potential clients can view your offer direct from their cell phones. 
If I create an eCommerce site for you, then customers can also buy your products directly online as well. 

My goal is to keep the cost of having an eCommerce site as low as possible (under R2 900) because I know small businesses work on tight budgets and this may even be a new venture for you as a start-up.

View my website designs and give me a call: 084 394 4325


RedDrum will
with creative…

  1. Banners
    Indoor pull-up banners
    Outdoor flag banners
    Exhibition displays
  1. Signage
    Office building/shopfronts
    Vehicle signage
  1. Websites
    WordPress Web design
    Emailers (online promotion)
    Social media posts
  1. Graphic Design
    Company Profiles & catalogues
    Logos & business cards

View examples of WordPress websites I have created recently:

Need a website? Or want to update your “old” website with a creative WordPress template?

Should you want me to design a WordPress website for your business under R2 900 then contact me on whatsapp 084 394 4325


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